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Photo Essay by Colin Owers

These are photographs have been taken by Colin Owers, and he has generously allowed me to put them on this web-site. These pictures show the Australian Zero V-173 before, during, and after restoration at the RAAF Base at Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. This Zero currently resides in the Canberra War Memorial museum.


A6M2 Zero - Page 1

This Zero is in VERY good condition.

AU-1s.jpg (88K) AU-2s.jpg (74K) AU-3s.jpg (40K) AU-4s.jpg (40K) AU-5s.jpg (53K)
     Left Front (88K)        Left Fuselage (74K)        Left Front (40K)           Left Front (40K)         Right Front (53K)   

AU-6s.jpg (71K) AU-7s.jpg (85K) AU-8s.jpg (71K) AU-9s.jpg (29K) AU-10s.jpg (61K)
 Left Fuselage (71K)     Left Tail (85K)      Left Fuselage (71K)      Wings (29K)        Right Side (61K)  

AU-11s.jpg (70K) AU-12s.jpg (42K) AU-13s.jpg (55K) AU-14s.jpg (31K) AU-15s.jpg (38K)
 Left Front (70K)      Left Tail (42K)      Right Fuselage (55K)        Left Side (31K)          Left Front (38K)

AU-16s.jpg (31K) AU-17s.jpg (35K) AU-18s.jpg (47K) AU-19s.jpg (88K) AU-20s.jpg (48K)
       Left Rear (31K)                 Front (35K)               Left Side (47K)          Cockpit (88K)      Group Photo (48K) 

The group photograph shows Left to Right:
Unknown, W/O Dennis Dogget, Australian War Museum Dame Leonie Kramer, Unknown
W/O Dennis Dogget was instrumental in carrying out the work of restoration.
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