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Anoka-Blaine Airport Bomber Days - Anoka, Minnesota - July 2005

One weekend there was a B-17 at Anoka Airport, and the next weekend, a different B-17 and the B-24 from the Collinswood Foundation. I have pictures of the B-24 in its previous paint job that I will add to these pages when I get the time. We shall start with the B-17 "Fuddy Duddy" and go on to the B-17 "Nine O Nine" and the B-24 "Witchcraft"


B-17 Boeing Flying Fortress Fuddy Duddy - Page 1

This is a very nice looking B1-17 in the mostly shiny aluminum attire.

IMG_1254s.JPG IMG_1255s.JPG IMG_1263s.JPG IMG_1264s.JPG IMG_1265s.JPG
    Right Nose (72K)            Right Side (63K)                Right Side (41K)            Right Side (54K)               Right Side (42K)                

IMG_1266s.JPG IMG_1267s.JPG IMG_1268s.JPG IMG_1269s.JPG IMG_1138s.JPG
      Right Front (41K)              Right Front (46K)               Right Front (38K)             Right Side (44K)          Right Nose (78K)  

IMG_1140s.JPG IMG_1141s.JPG IMG_1163s.JPG IMG_1166s.JPG IMG_1167s.JPG
          Nose (48K)           Nose (78K)         Nose Turret (80K)       Nose Art (89K)         Nose Art (86K)         

IMG_1169s.JPG IMG_1170s.JPG IMG_1226s.JPG IMG_1227s.JPG IMG_1228s.JPG
      Nose Art (82K)          Belly (99K)          Right Nose (78K)       Right Nose (66K)        cockpit (63K)     

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