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Air Expo 2004 - July 2004

The Air Expo 2004 Air Show was held at Flying Cloud Airport on July 25-26. There were a lot of USA warbirds present - a P-40, P-63, P-51, B-17, B-25s, and a SB2C. There were a lot of good seminars from WWII pilots from the Black Sheep, Dolittle Raiders, AVG, and the Battle of Britain (both sides). And the special attraction was Paul Tibbets of the Enola Gay fame. I tried out my canon digital camera and found that I still prefer my good old 500 mm lens for air photos. But, these are not too bad.


Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress - Page 1

This B-17 flies a LOT. It was giving rides for $400/each and the line was really long. On the day I was there, I would estimate 10 paid flights w/ 10 passengers each flight.

B17-Air1s.JPG B17-Air2s.JPG B17-Air3s.JPG B17-Air4s.JPG B17-Air5s.JPG
     Approaching (15K)           Flying Left Front (15K)       Flying Left Side (11K)         Flying Left Rear (8K)          Flying Left Lower (14K)    

B17-Air6s.JPG B17-Air7s.JPG B17-Air8s.JPG B17-Air9s.JPG B17-Air10s.JPG
 Flying Left Lower (17K)         Approaching (12K)          Flying Left Front (12K)        Flying Left Rear (14K)              Landing (13K)       

B17-Air11s.JPG B17-Air12s.JPG B17-Static1s.JPG B17-Static2s.JPG B17-Static3s.JPG
     Left Landing (24K)             Left Landing (38K)             Right Front (40K)           Right Front (57K)             Right Tail (58K)     

B17-Static4s.JPG B17-Static5s.JPG B17-Static6s.JPG B17-Static7s.JPG B17-Static8s.JPG
 Right Wing (66K)               Right Wing 58K)               Right Wing (69K)              Right Front (51K)            Right Front (48K)

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