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AirExpo 2000 Air Show - July 2000

The Air Expo 2000 Air Show was held at Flying Cloud Airport on July 22-23. This air show was part of the Minneapolis Aquatennial Celebration (a 10-day local festival). There were not a lot of warbirds present - just a B-25 from CAF and 4 P-51s from the local area. However, there were a lot of good seminars from WWII pilots from the Black Sheep, Dolittle Raiders, AVG, and the Battle of Britain (both sides). At least, it gave me a chance to try out my new 500 mm zoom lens before the good air show in 2 weeks at Fleming Field in St. Paul. On August 5, there will be a B-17, B-24, B-25, P-40, P-38, P-51s, and some other aircraft. The Air Expo 2000, however, was not too bad as you can see from the following pictures.

North American B-25 Mitchell

The Minnesota Wing B-25 "Miss Mitchell" was on static display and did not fly until the end of the show. However, they did allow
considerable access to the aircraft, and I got some good bomb bay photos.

B25-BombBay-2.jpg (46K) B25-BombBay-3.jpg (45K) B25-Bombsight-1.jpg (29K) B25-Engine-1.jpg (20K) B25-Engine-2.jpg (23K)

B25-RightEngine-1.jpg (33K) B25-RightFront-1.jpg (45K) B25-RightFront-2.jpg (30K) B25-SideGun-1.jpg (14K) B25-Tail-1.jpg (32K)

B25-Tail-2.jpg (34K) B25-Tail-3.jpg (35K) B25-TopTurret-1.jpg (34K) TopTurret-2.jpg (11K)

AT-6 and Harvard

There were 2 AT-6 Aircraft & 1 Harvard at the show.

AT6-1.jpg (17K) Harvard-1-3.jpg (22K)


There was 1 BT-13 at the show. This is the aircraft commonly used to make Japanese Vals

BT13-Taxi-1.jpg (32K) BT13Flying-1.jpg (10K) BT13-Flying-2.jpg (27K)

Hughes 500 (Modified Lodestar)

The Hughes 500 is an impressive aircraft. Take a Lodestar, put on 4-blade props and 2,000 hp engines, and pressurize the cabin and what do you have?
A very impressive executive aircraft.

H500-Startup-1.jpg (31K) H500-Static-1.jpg (25K) H500-Taxi-1.jpg (29K) H500-Flying-2.jpg (23K) H500-Flying-3.jpg (28K)

D-18 Twin Beechcraft

And, of course, one of the most durable of small twin-engine aircraft - the venerable D-18 Beechcraft.

D18-1.jpg (22K) D18-2.jpg (32K) D18-3.jpg (26K) D18-4.jpg (43K)

North American P-51 Mustang

And, Last but not least, the P-51s. Please note the rare opportunity to see the wing gun bay open. I purposely scanned a picture with higher
resolution so you can read the notations on the gun bay lid.

P51-Flight-2.jpg (17K) P51-Flight-3.jpg (20K) P51-Flying-1.jpg (16K) P51-Flying-2.jpg (18K) P51-Flying-3.jpg (15K)

P51-Flying-4.jpg (19K) P51-Flying-5.jpg (19K) P51-LeftMainGear-1.jpg (23K) P51-LeftSide-1.jpg (28K) P51-LeftWheelWell-1.jpg (41K)

P51-Nose-1.jpg (53K) P51-Nose-2.jpg (48K) P51-Prop-1.jpg (23K) P51-RearWheel-1.jpg (42K) P51-RightGuns-1.jpg (29K)

P51-RightWheelWell-1.jpg (36K) P51-Tail-1.jpg (35K) P51-Tail-2.jpg (55K) P51-AirInlet-1.jpg (41K) P51-CoolerExit-1.jpg (32K)

P51-Taxi-1.jpg (27K) P51-Taxi-2.jpg (32K) P51-Taxi-3.jpg (32K) P51-Taxi-4.jpg (30K) P51-Taxi-5.jpg (26K)

P51-WingGunBay-1.jpg (50K) P51-WingGunBay-2.jpg (42K) P51-WingGunBay-3.jpg (106K)

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